LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing platform if used in the right way. As it’s primarily a business-focused social network, it can be used to find a new job, identify potential clients and generate leads. The below infographic can help you optimise your profile to attract leads or head hunters.

Adding a professions photo or headshot can immediately result in 14 times more profile views. But there are other changes you can make to get noticed even more.

LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-1 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-2 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-3 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-4 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-5 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-6 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-7 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-8 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-9 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-10 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-11 LinkedIn_Cheat_Sheet-12

[Source: Leisure Jobs]