Facebook has released version 6.0 of it’s APIs, but it brings with it hundreds of API deprecations to previous versions. From 5th May 2020, developers will lost access to hundreds of APIs as part of Facebook’s commitment to security and privacy.

The deprecated APIs affect everything on the platform from Ads, Events, Groups, Pages, Posts, Users, Videos and more. Examples include no longer being able to access the likes or tags in Posts from Users.

The result of these deprecations will mean apps that use any of the listed APIs will partially break. No alternatives are available for the removed APIs either.

To see if your application is affected, head over to the Facebook Developer site and upgrade your app to use the v6.0 APIs (at least in your test environment). You should be able to see which parts of your app will fail or break due to the upcoming changes.

App will be able to use the deprecated APIs until 5th May 2020, after which time they will be disabled for all apps across the platform.